We are energy. We are physical body, we are spirit, we are eternal, and we came to this planet to grow. We came to evolve, and to enlighten. Each one of us found ourselves in our specific point of our evolution, what make us an individual. Our integration with others and with the external environment is needed to each one of us in a very specific way, because of our uniqueness. However we were an individual, when we were born, we were registered by name, but we had to develop ourselves according to others, and not according to who we really are in our essence. Even the name we had received was given to us, and in the majority this name was to make a tribute to someone else, rather than to our own self. That’s fine, we are not here to blame someone we could think that was responsible for all this, because that is the way it was, and the way it still is in this moment in our lives. When we are babies we are nurtured; we are told about all things by our parents, or by our guardians; then we start to build up our physical body, our personality, in one way or another, we do it, and we start to have our essence covered by rules, doctrines, philosophies, and there is no freedom any longer. We were born free, with our own infinite potential, but sooner we are born, we start to lose our freedom, and the chances to be this potential was taken away, it was lost. And, it is no one there we can claim it back, rather than to reconnect with ourselves. We are already into the human being system, composed by teachings that are directed to out there, but never to ourselves. We were taught to put our head down, when we should be helped to stand up, look higher as we could, to be connected with the force of life, with that we all are. We needed to go through painful times unnecessarily to play by rules, and obey for others, rather than for ourselves. We all have beauty inside, but we were never allowed to bring this out, because the rules that were imposed to us. In some culture, it is not allowed even to be expressed through the brightness of the eyes; some culture we have to show always seriousness, otherwise it is not polite, it is silly; some culture we cannot be happy, because if it does happen it is a sin, and you will be burn in hell. So no matter “was” and it “is” beauty is inside us, and we can bring it to the surface, if we want to, because with our freedom it came our power to be who we are, in essence. Who has the power? Who is holding the real power?

For those yet unknown to it all: there are clear roads to bring us back to our essence. Start to think about the nature. Think about when you are in a Forrest; in the River; In the Ocean, in the Park, close to a tree. Take a few moments in solitude, concentrate in your breathe only, be aware of yourself, and imagine the noise from the nature, like birds, animals, water, branches, leaves, waves, sand. Pay attention to the relationship you have with it. Just imagine you and that element. Be aware of its presence around you, and feel how similar you and the nature are, think about how free you both are, and everything external to you and nature are imposed, made up, created by other humans to use it to control the two most powerful forces possible, that were to be found: You, and the nature.

Though, would you like to change your reality and contribute for a better world? Would you like to think about changes to allow the beauty to come out, and enhance the living being in the planet? It is the way: Find your freedom. Recover, and claim what is yours, and what was granted to you when you were born. So that will bring what life really is about: Love, Light, and peace, because that is what you all are about: in essence.