As I think back along my life journey, I consider what has happened to me is very personal, and what is happening, happened and will happen to me has little to do with you, the reader. This is because each and every one of our lives are all ABOUT OUR OWN DEVELOPMENT. And yet my experiences become part of yours simply by reading and absorbing my thoughts – my essence.

I feel that everything that happens around us is important in some way to not only ourselves, but those we are interconnected with…the people surrounding YOU – relatives, loved ones, neighbors, authors, co workers, employers, employees, public people, people interconnected through media, clients, teachers, professionals…everyone. As a human being each one of us will be evolving through our interaction with others in life. Every moment we breathe we absorb and interact with people and our environment, giving us each unique and different experiences, regardless of our awareness level. For example, do you recall having a conversation with someone about anything, anywhere, any time? Afterwards we walk away and think that it was not important. But later on – it can be minutes, hours, days, or even years later – we will recall that “not important” conversation or event, associating it with a conclusive thought that had given us a clear vision about a current event or situation on that moment of our recall. Now, for you, THAT moment has become extremely personal. This is the same for all of us. Let’s consider that this situation has served to recall another thought of the same circumstance, but instead under a different time or situation. It may be clearing up a thought with a complete different meaning for a complete different conclusion. But, it was based in an event that had the same circumstance in the past. In essence, it is essential for us to interact with others, with our external world for our own personal growth, but it is PERSONAL in the way its interaction affects each one of us. I don’t hold a PHD or MD. I’m not a celebrity or a religious leader. Nor do I disagree with any of those people who hold titles, have written pages and pages of knowledge, spent hours and hours recording mp3s or created art works throughout our recorded history. Instead, I honor and respect them all for the opportunities they gave me to know and share their work and wisdom. I am grateful for the opportunity to evolve and develop myself to this point in life. I’m not perfect, but I am PERSONALLY happy about myself, because I am here with my collection of mistakes and achievements. Many people understand life’s experiences as “we come with nothing, and we leave with nothing”. We are all born and we will all die, essentially equal. However what we learn in our lives’ journey is unique for each one of us. Life is an experience and an endless procession of achievements through mistakes, conquering through effort, direction taken through choice, and it is in essence YOUR OWN PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT.