We are that we are. Human Life time walking on Earth is a potential time.


Under the scientific point of view, we live in times that we do work under time, space, motion, following Newtonian principles, and  yet under time frame that our science gives to us. Let’s stick with that idea, as THEY could not, or do not want to prove anything rather than that YET.
Considering that we are all energy, and surrounded by magnetic field and consequently electricity, it no wonder that our fellow brothers are talking about the next source for their leaders is the weapon with electromagnetic and electricity, bla bla bla. First was nuclear energy, now as they DIDN’T SUCCEED, so it does make sense to go for a different alternative to keep their main potential plan to destroy the planet fast and much more efficiently as THEY would love to do.
Okay, as it is being revealed, step by step and part of revelations matches with his history,   Nikola Tesla in 1943, before he died had tried to proof to the American Government that there was a way to supply the entire Humanity with free clean energy, which would set people in abundance, and safe the planet from the ecological disaster we were brought in. He could not make to the meeting with his project, which he was defending since his first inventions, followed by another, and another, which still serves us, under corporation’s control, of course, and for the price they want us to pay for. ALL ABOUT GREED MONEY FOR SOME AND HARD WORK AND MISERY FOR OTHERS! Coming out in such a shocking REVELATION, Nikola Tesla was able to supply the humanity with solutions, before he was kicked out of his physical body and forced to  go back home with unfinished business for our entire HUMANKIND’S EVOLUTION.
But would that ends here. No the fight is still on, and we are still evolving.
So the potential is: THE SMART GUYS will keep trying to bit the light, and destroy our planet, they won’t give up on it. However LIGHT IS LIGHT, and see for yourself the Ironic side of things: the dark side will try to bit the light with its own light. Does it make sense to you, reading these thoughts right now? Sorry guys it’s time to surrender, because Tesla’s geniality was big enough to remain protected for us Human kind to keep our evolution exactly how it was designed.
Here is another  potential idea that will happen to us in no too far ahead, anyway, we are also already finding about time frame, aren’t we? So does it matter of time for anything?
Okay here we go: in our human normal time frame,  someone will entry in the context of history with what was hidden here between us, to give the continuation of <a href=”https://www.google.com.au/?gws_rd=ssl#q=nikolas+tesla+inventions” target=”_blank”>Tesla’s help</a>, his inventions and ideas will be found. He had left written manuscripts and note books, etc. It will be found and it will be used to continue his beautiful light’s work for us. THERE IS NO DARKNESS BUT ABSENCE OF LIGHT.