What we see in others comes from within us. Everything starts from within us.
We can only see, and identify in others what we have inside and outside, it is only reflection.
Everyone and everything around us is a reflection of our inner perception.
It’s like we’re surrounded by a mirror.
We cannot perceive what is outside of us if we do not have it within us. Our brain is, first of all, our internal decoder of what we perceive.
If we see something that is not aligned with us, let’s act or react on it. It will engulf our emotions, so let us behave accordingly.
When we perceive disagreement in either our relationship with others, or with anything around us, it means that we are not aligned with the counterpart. That means we are not vibrating at the same frequency. It’s like when we say: we are not on the same page.
From this point of view, there will be much more to draw our attention within us in both directions. If we want to advance in a relationship with others, or simply correct differences, we will always have to start from within ourselves. The alignment of our frequency with our outer world depends on our work in a relationship with ourselves first.

This work will depend on the recognition of our US, first. If we say that we love someone, or something external to us, it means that we carry love within, and acceptance is part of the vibration of love, however, if we do not love ourselves in the same proportion, how can we express it to our outer world? How can we accept others as they are if we do not accept ourselves as we are? So, basically everything is according to the vibration that we are living inside of ourselves.

If there is something out there giving us pleasure, comfort: if there is someone who makes us feel, pleasure, comfort, it means alignment. Do not depend on our mind-ego, but rely first on our self-recognition and then we will accept, harmonize, match with is out there.

What helps us to work in this area? It is direct connection through our soul. So the chain is: think with your heart – this does not mean that we are losing our ego / mind, but we are opening our soul and our superior aspects to help us overcome ego / mind control, so let us connect with Our higher power, beyond the mind to add more to what we already have, increasing and raising our frequency. By increasing our frequency we bind ourselves with our own high intelligence, not only by serving our ego, but by helping us to attain a higher state of consciousness, and consequently to live in fulfillment.