Practicing living in balance


Many people achieved to learn to balance themselves, using tools available from many different sources, available in our current days. It is very positive and comforting for us when we feel that we know what to do to recover from pitfalls in our daily life.







All kind of meditation is useful. Any technique of meditation will be helpful. The concept of meditation  is huge and it can be understood in many ways, however the fundamental result of a meditation, to work with your energy is to reach the state of stillness







The process of healing we approach here is not only the general concept of healing  , but to explore the idea of needing it to be used for precaution and increase the state of well being, and growth, rather than only to survive or ending a disease.






Re Programing your Mind



This page was blank when I started to write on it.
It is very easy to express anything on a blank page. How do we do it?
We have thoughts, we use words and express it and this blank page will be populated by letters passing a message ahead.


Improving every area of your life


Energy work is a powerful technique that will tool us to achieve first balance, and secondly expand our energetic points in our physical body to allow the flow of high frequency’s vibration of energy throughout our body, increasing our quality of life.

Raising the frequency of your energy

IMG_2446.JPG for background

We will be using a simple and easy way to understand about the Frequency of Energy. Take the concept of a radio’s function. The higher the capability of the radio the higher its frequency will be. When the station’s frequency is high (like am, fm), the broadcast is of a higher quality. Our body also works like a radio. The higher the vibration of our body, the higher the channel, the higher vibration input, the higher the output and the higher quality of the outcome.