The process of healing we look at here is not only the general concept of healing, but also to explore the benefits of using healing for precaution and to increase the state of well being and spiritual growth, rather than to survive or cure a disease or illness. We will always need to consult a health professional when we feel symptoms alerting us that something is wrong within ourselves; there are no doubts about it. However, who is the first to have the signal? So who can take the first steps and decisions? Isn’t it us, or in some cases our parents or guardians?

It is also important to understand here that it is not only about physical and mental healing. It is about a Holistic Healing. It is about the healing of people, situation, system, planet, and so on. As observed in the topic of “Living life in Balance”: what happens to us will impact the rest of the world, not only ourselves. This is from the day we are born to the day we die. If we understand the process of Holistic Healing today, and plant the seed and start using Holistic Healing in our everyday lives we will be learning to gain the knowledge about our wholeness, which will be bring us the confidence about who we really are, where did we come from and what will happen to us beyond our physical body’s death.