This page was blank when I started to write on it.

It is very easy to express anything on a blank page. How do we do it?

We have thoughts, we use words and express it and this blank page will be populated by letters passing a message ahead.

We can come to this page and erase these words and make this page blank again. Tomorrow I come back here to the same page and if I want I erase these words and write new words, expressing the thoughts I will have on my mind tomorrow. At the end of the text I can erase it all and write over and over, different thoughts, different words.

Is that so difficult to imagine that we are able to write, re-write every time we have a blank page before our eyes? No. It is hard to come back and re write exactly the same words back again and again.


If we think about our mind, as a blank page, would not be exciting to write and re write fresh thoughts every now and again?