Personal Development  - Self Love

I am grateful for all that I am today, for all that I have achieved in my life here and for being who I am. I know the Universe is conspiring in my favor, and any sabotage that is on my mind to block me from living in abundance is leaving me now! I am a person of prosperity and I will be more and more to fulfill any spiritual and material desire. I can manifest anything in my life. I am grateful to manifest healing in my physical body, and I extend this intention to anyone who is in need now. I am grateful for erasing any thought that might sabotage me. I am happy with my power that will be cultivated and accepted in a clear and safe way. I am grateful for the ability to detect negativity in my life and for cutting out the circle of negative patterns in my mind, blueprint, and DNA. I am aligned with my source to find the exact direction to keep myself aligned and attract people and situations in the same vibration of my being. I am not a person of judgment, as I can see and understand everything wisely and clearly. I truly appreciate all that is and all that I have and all the dreams that have come true in my life, and I am open to receiving, fortunately, all the great changes related to my future life. I accept all kinds of abundance that the Source of Creation and the Universe have set aside for me now and for my future life. I accept and appreciate everything that has been solved in my way now.
I am happy and grateful to have been able to share everything with you as a single source of energy and life that we are.
So be it.

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