As we all know our planet is the only one in our universe which holds life. I am not referring to human life only, but to every single living organism on Earth. It is also known that scientists in the past had “fundamentalised” our lives with their principals, such as Physics . Thus our surroundings’ magnetic fields have been proven. Recently more and more studies and findings about Quantum Theories have advanced scientific discoveries about the energy of life on our planet. It includes discussions about the thoughts and affirmations of Albert Einstein’s ideas over this theory. All living beings on Earth are part of this, and we are not only surrounded by the energy itself, we are 3D; we live in a 3D physical body with electromagnetic fields outside and inside ourselves.

So we all are a channel of the energy of life and we all will have the Zero-Point  of energy within and from this point we can raise our capability of vibrating this energy to a higher frequency.