First of all: Be kind with yourself, as much as you can. Remember that you are here to learn, to understand, and to love, and accept yourself, before anything else. Everything that matters to you is living in peace.
If sometimes you feel that you are not achieving your goals in the exactly way you had planned, it doesn’t mean that you had failure. It is only the way things supposed to be at that point for you, as you have to learn one more lesson before you can go ahead. Everything unfolds in a perfect way, and in a perfect time, for us. And this can seem to be absurd, but sometimes what is not working as we expect is just because it is been adjusted to the way we chose it to happen, and it has to happen perfectly as we chose, otherwise it would not serve us to learn anything, and consequently, the entire goal would be worthless. So every single event in our lives is displayed in the most perfect Divine Order.