Life is simple. We breathe to be alive. Sometimes we forget. It is a lack of awareness. So we think things are complicated.
Energy and frequency are simple as well. We do not need to be scientists to be aware of energy and how often we are vibrating.
We are all energy, and so everything around us, and energies vibrate. And so we do. It is a natural process of life.
We have separations to understand, as Ego / Mind and beyond, what we call our higher self.
There is so much information at our disposal, materials we can use to learn, research, and just absorb what resonates with us.

It is not related to the philosophy of life, nor to religious beliefs, but it is what it is, and it is as each of us.

If you would like to search about the  scientific aspect,  deeply, I would suggest you to start learning about Nikola Tesla, about his life, and his legacy left for us in his passage on Earth.
It is our own personal development as well as spiritual development in the context of our whole existence and evolution, here in this life time, before it and beyond it. We will always find a constant that has no difference when, how, what, it simple exists; Energy and frequency.

Science has advanced, and with these principles have been created the means to function in our lives, these principles will remain, will be updated, explored more, some discarded and replaced by new ones, for thus is the evolution of everything, however the energy will exist, the ways of explaining about the frequency will also advance, but will not fail to ground our Universe, and further our Multiverse. I see that this cannot be extinguished. Because it’s important I suppose, is not it?