I know today that my journey and spiritual learning on Earth began when I was born, yet looking for connection with who I am, and in the quest to find out why I am here, and what I came to do,  when I look back today, everything makes sense to me.

I was born in a rural area in a family of 10 siblings, becoming the last as my younger brother died a few minutes after birth. I had a childhood living in contact with nature until nine years old when I had to go to school in the city. With challenges, including bully in school, and with the feeling of not being properly anywhere. In my childhood, very often, I used to lay down on the grass looking at the sky, around the house, watching the sunset and getting to talk to the stars, looking for answers to my questions, even though I was still very young.

My obligations to follow the religious teaching of the family and society at this time was not so intense living in the rural area. My mother used to practice healing with her hands, especially for children from families living in the neighboring area. She had Indian native background, from  her mother’s side, until she herself had to turn to the activities of the church, since we all moved to town, and we left the country life. This change struck my mother and me, certainly more than what happened to all the other members of our family.


I participated in the activities of the Church, as I was assigned, following guidance from family and local society, I always thought, in attending religious services: there was more for me to know than everything they teach me here. In same way I always knew that.

I once again had an improper feeling during middle and high school, surrounded by bully and harassment by boys of my age, which even got me into a depressing feelings, which had pushed me into isolation very often. I was not happy in my relationships neither with others, nor with myself, regardless of being the girl who always used to be the mediator and promote peace; And to resolve conflicts between the other members of the family as a listener and mediator.

When I left home to continue my studies and pursue my career, I was in my eighteenth’s and I began to smell fragrance around me when there were no flowers, no plants, no perfumes, and it always happened when I was in a vulnerable situation, As when she was walking home alone from school late in the evening in a city of 18 million people. I also started to have premonitory dreams, but all about tragic events related to my relatives and people related to me at work. I began to live the visions soon after the nightmare.

So I started to seek for answers to clarify these intriguing events in my life. This was frightening me, as I sometimes had strange attitudes while sleeping, like waking up in the morning with a kitchen knife on my bedside table. That was really scaring me. I always had something inside me that I could not explain, I just felt protected, as I believed that no one would convince me easily or enough about what was happening. I always remained very faithful in something that was not from the outside, but well from within my being, even if it was unknown.


I learned a lot about these feelings as well, it got stronger with the passage of time. I explored what I was taught in the Church, pondering the biblical passages, about Christ and his passage through the earth. I just connected myself deeply with his Energy and that was my support by that time and to continue with my quest for answers. But I always felt that his story was not completely told. It would be a part of me that I had to explore.

I attended a Catholic university. It pushed me to my inner knowledge, beginning with the concept of justice. I became the students’ representative to negotiate with the Principal and management, regarding the crisis in our journey and the educational system. This led me to a much deeper investigation of myself and around me, also because these feelings instilled in me a lack of power, even though I obtained positive results, and this did not stop shaking me, but it pushed me further into my journey of self- discovery.


I was approached by one of my lecturers offering me help, when I was ready, he said, because he was a psychotherapist, and the professor of Scientific Methodology. I went to see him once a week for about ten months. It was great and helped me push myself to connect with my two sides: my light and my shadow, even in a very basic concept for me at the point in my life time. That was a choice made at the right time, with the correct interior orientation, and with a person I felt was  been assigned to help me at that precise moment.

Life continued and there was much to go through, which I could never have imagined possible.. I was always a great reader and began to read authors of different philosophies of my society, as well as inspiring content, until things got difficult in the University when we had to graduate and needed to present a monograph (book written on the chosen theme), then my readings and research had to be directed to a different topic. However, things already seemed to be in sync for me. I wrote about energy conservation in the Sustainability theme, which was my old passion for being connected to Earth. I had the second best job in my class of twenty-six and for me it was a great victory, considering that I was in the predominant male’s career and such as in my culture’s society, so I was happy with my results after five years of study and work, both full time.

There was not much time for leisure or rest. After the graduation, the desire to move away from my native country suddenly appeared, and I was pushed from the inside out by the explanation that I did not have free time to learn another language, which would be English, and could only happen quickly if I were to live and study in an English speaking country. My inner connection with nature was calling me back to having this interval too. I left my eight year career, and embarked on my new journey to Australia. On my journey, even knowing what I wanted, sleeping on the flight, I cried all night, halfway through my thirty-six hour flight itinerary, through Canada and Hawaii. At my destination, Sydney-Australia, I felt back home somehow, and I felt at that moment that there would be no turning back. This was very strong, like a bleeding, and I felt as if I had survived an accident, and being born back on the other side of the Planet. School, work, physically, hands in the dough, knowing that it could not be different, for not speaking the local language. Each step seemed to me toward something great, and that was already the journey to a full sense. I was alone, with just a few new friends, challenges, and everything new in my life, so I started looking for philosophical answers to my life.

I learned about mythology from Egypt; I knocked on the door of a Scientology society, and pulled away, for I felt that it was not aligning with myself. So I started to study about crystals, I learned the technique of Downswing, how to work with pendulums, studied color therapy, meditation techniques, chakras, energy, activation’s; I was guided to open my channel with Reiki Techniques, and my Master told me that from that point on the books would start to fall off the shelves, and it actually happened, the next one was the Angel Therapy. I started applying tools I learned in self-help books and videos from different authors and teachers. Everything was useful to me.

My experience building my own family, with mistakes and correctness, also helped me to grow,  always seeking the best of everything and giving the best of me. Thus, in each experience everything became valid, and the lessons were accounted. Attending Lectures and weekends courses had become routine, always following my inner calling. I attended a course with a Shaman Master, 4 weekends. At last, we were invited to tune into ourselves and ask for the name of the energy of our master, and the ancestors. I felt a bit confused, as to me it would sound like any name of Native Indian, in my ignorance, the name I received would not make sense, however, in this case, it seemed much more drawn to the Asian name like Kumara. I accepted, wrote down, and shared with the group. Many years later I learn t about cosmic parents and according to my story, it made sense as I came from the cosmic father Sanata kumara.

My perception and my psychic abilities, and extra sensory, began to Expand and become continuous. In one of my important and alert visions I had a large wall, where half was solid black and the other half shiny and gold. This remained in my mind for several days, when in my search I found a Master in Sacred Geometry, and a clairvoyant painter. First, when I arrived at the place where the convention was, I saw in in my inner vision, at the car parking a face of a man with a beard and long gray hair, with a serene and compassionate countenance. I had little time, I asked the Angels to help me, because it was the last day of the convention. Then I started to walk following the course of the visitors, when I found myself standing before the Sacred Geometry. The master invited me to sit down. She was free as if waiting for me. She asked me to choose some of the symbols she had spread over the table and then began to describe my vision. That’s when we scheduled to work more and learn about something more specific. I felt better and was already closing, when I was passing by the artist, near the exit door. I approached to greet her because she had already painted me Kuan Yin 3 years before that day (On this day I called the points of feeling the scent of flowers smelling years ago when in need of protection walking alone).She still had free time before closing, and invited me to seat. It was a wonderful meeting, where we were honored with her painting the face I had seen in the car’s parking, which increased even more when I asked her, whose face was this? And she replied that it was Saint Germaine. We were in a moment of joy, because together we recognized that this day could not have ended better for both of us.

From that day on, there were some misunderstandings and coincidences with my next meeting with the Master of Sacred Geometry who could finally meet me in a month later. The room was glass and decorated with crystals, on top of a mountain, in a forest of Eucalyptus and other native trees, which brought us great benefits, in connection with nature. I stayed there for two and a half hours, and when I got back I knew, I was not the same person after left that place and healing, but I could not explain much.

Saint Germaine helps us with  balancing  with the masculine energy and Kuan Yin with the feminine, which explained everything about my vision and the work I received with sacred geometry to work and understand the vision of the wall. In this period I was being guided and helped to balance the two energies for my next step.

I was attending a weekly meditation group, which was my next indication for my personal and spiritual development. That was up the hills, where I had to travel at twilight and later evening, 120 km being 18 km of road between forest and sky, watched by stars, moon and wildlife, and no telephone communication. That place was so magical, and the couple was teaching and activating chakras, working with the Christ Consciousness light.

During the meditations I had some amazing visions. It was fully integrated with the energy of Gaia. Twice I felt no difference between my own self and the layers of energy running into the Earth, like me being a thick liquid, turning like water into a river of curves, I felt as if I were a subterranean basin of raw oil running between the layers of earth. In another time I saw rays of light coming from the bottom of the ocean in deep waters, in total sensation of peace and joy.

And more and more feeling the energy of love growing and things unfolding clearly in my path. It has always been a growth of pleasant and unpleasant events, for I have learned the movement of working with light and our own shadows and being able to enlighten ourselves, to grow, to evolve. This is intrinsic in all love relationships with all partners, whether it be a companion, family members, friends, or anyone who appeared on their way at that very moment for that exact experience, but always with the same common goal to discover ourselves. My strength has always increased every day of every journey and so it is for all of us. I trusted it was best to be like an open book, to turn pages and keep writing a new story.

Once again I had to leave everything behind. Putting to test my limits and applying my gallows. I was always family oriented, and for the second time I had to leave behind what I loved mos. And again with the goal of finding me, because I chose to continue living, learning and never giving up on my searches. My goal was to meet me, I felt that I had to learn about love, self-love, self-esteem, and these were part of my homework. I was called again into the lap of nature and receiving in the package a potential counterpart love affair to make me realize the next lesson, alerting me to two other subjects that I was taking with me: suppressed. My sexuality and food. I lived for 10 months traveling by road and sea (10 thousand kilometers and 6 thousand nautical miles, entreating danger, but enjoying scenarios never seen before in my life. There was no telephone, TV, no newspapers, only Books, Nature and the journey. My connection with Gaia was intense. I could describe the trip beforehand every morning. I faced threatening situations too, however, there was no fear. Just a sequence of moments and another journey.

The next step was to deal with the transition of the physical body, and I was taken to this lesson when my second elder brother died in my arms. I returned to my country after finishing the trip sailing. My brother was terminally ill, I spent a few months with Him, His wife, and children. I would write a whole chapter on this experience, dealing with physical attachment and infinite love, transcending the material world.

As I said before, there were two other aspects to be learned about my self-relationship with food and sexuality. I lost 8 kilos and my physical body had completely improved into its metabolism, and my sacral chakra had its activation with a natural and wilder circumstance as I have never felt possible before, facing opposing aspects and adversities with one purpose: healing. Purpose to be recognized about my own body and state of connection with the deeper and free love of conditions.

My connection with the ocean led me to learn and practice diving, and I traced and graduated practicing 20 hours of diving in depth of 20 meters, where I was later revealed that I should have been there at this time, which connected the points of vision Of light from the bottom of the sea, this was the moment of my energetic activation with water, as one of the four elements: earth, water, fire, and air, the process of which is necessary for our integral evolution. Two years later the experience was quantum connection with the element of fire on a winter night, also on a hill, when participating in a meeting, which is traditionally a fun way among groups of friends, burning remnants of pasture collected for a big bonfire. A few days after the event I found a photo taken accidentally where it showed me in detail. Later on I had a communication with elemental energies, and I had the call to learn a little more, then conclude the course with Doreen Virtue on Fairies and Elemental. My routine was increasingly pushing me towards my meditation practice, including using ultrasound wave device to expand the waves of my brain. Following my inner guidance I enriched my own healing ability physically, emotionally for myself and for all around me.

Always considering that we have the power that the force of creation gives us, because we are what we are: part of everything, and that with humility, courage and love everything will be connected with our design to serve. We will be guaranteed the necessary means, without having to neglect with our own person.

My teachings were also guided to work with the energy of crystals, and I began to have more visions, which would complete another stage of the puzzle, see the higher aspects and hear more Messages, which we call the channeling of higher frequency messages, as well as the connection with the people on the other side, when it is associated with my daily experiences, as much as through dreams, as well as moments of exclusion of the mental disturbances of our daily basis – what we call “our reality in “third dimension”. In this state and frequency it became possible to visit sacred places, such as temples, and meet with masters, in response to my questions and requests for guidance in my relationship issues with the other people in my daily coexistence.

My work with my energy and frequency became part of me, and the process of transcendence of mind and ego began to intensify, and with great gratitude for the assistance received from my source of creation, Of the angelic realm, of our advanced cosmic helpers was that I reached the highest test I have ever experienced: On the first of last August, I was for some 3 days in intense relaxation and meditative state, and in my deep sleep I received through my physical body a highly and intense energy . Always remembering and thanking our Divine protection, and open, with confidence; I could describe it as an experience of dying physically and resuscitate. I was in a deep sleep and suddenly everything happened. I felt a load of energy and I saw an immense ball like fire, and a large cylinder of green crystal, all very bright, as if they had crossed my body and directed to my crystals that I have on my bedside table. Everything was very real, and my body was shaking a lot. I walked a few feet from my bed to the living room where my son was, still awake that was called attention by my loud voice. I just returned to my consciousness when he hugged me trying to calm my body and sitting next to him offering me a glass of water with sugar, saying Mom you were very white, and seemed dead walking towards me. Once again I was graced by the presence of my son, who was in transit, and with me at that moment. This event made me feel in complete state of grace for a few days and I realize the difference of before this day and after.

In the last six months, my visions and connection with my superior aspects are getting clearer, especially after this particular event. I am feeling much lighter, and much more in touch with my light body, which is unfolding to myself, day after day, but also this has proved to me that this trip is not easy until everything is stabilized from the inside out. However there is an inexplicable sense of peace, fulfillment and grace that begins to sustain you more and more. The next thing in words would be to turn your life from a position of fear to the position of love and truly. It is our way to live in essence, to live who we really are, and as we are in essence, fulfilling our goals. It is a chain reaction to serve our creator, our creative source of life, and all that it is, and living with fulfillment.

My beloved Archangel Haniel, since then, has been very active in my journey, certainly by my side and within me. I love writing, studying, and any kind of arts relaxes me. I have been releasing every part of my creativity, writing, painting, cooking, putting ideas into practice, using every talent, however small it may seem, but it is in this practice that we release our emotions and let ourselves grow and expand in our fulfillment  I am eternally grateful to our loved ones: Kuan Yin, Saint Germaine, Sanata Kumara, Gaia and Archangel Haniel; Mother Mary, Christ, Buddha, Krishna, Mary Magdalene; All the masters and enlightened  beings I know exist; those not mentioned here, and those whom I do not know; The elemental energies; Our Mother Earth; Our ancestors; All the advanced energies coming from our cosmic world; How grateful I am for our creation, Father and Mother creators, realm of Angels and all their legion. I am grateful and honor the infinite potential within my being and from within all living beings, as an energy that we all are on the way to return to a one consciousness.