Insight, thoughts of love and Light by Elvira Divina Fernandes about personal and spiritual Development, through Energy work for I am presence, and peace.

Living in Peace, and raising the energy frequency of yourself, around and the world.

This thought of today is ‘simple, because Peace is simple’. Our perception is that sometimes is either complicated, or ignored by ourselves.
Have you ever noticed that when you feel discomfort it is because you are led by EGO?
I mean: when the mind is confused about the values ​​of things; when thoughts are negative; when your emotions hit you. These are all symptoms that we are driven by our ego / mind.
Why is this happening to us? Because we are in the process of awakening from our limitations created by the ego / mind towards the command of our thoughts and feelings, going to a vast unknown zone. Our ego awakens fears.

For some reason, we were led to pay attention to something that is not in line with our inner abilities to promote the comfort and peace we are seeking for ourselves.
In this situation, the ego is our driver. It’s in charge, leading us to our challenging zone.
What is really happening is: we are overestimating our ego / mind and, at the same time, accepting its pressure to remain under the command of something that no longer serves us.

So what to do? We are equipped with the tool of intuition. If we dig deeper within ourselves, we will know what is really there to help us release our limitations, and unleash our talents. We all have hidden talents, waiting to be brought out to help us move forward with less effort, and comfortably, without needing to let our ego / mind control our thoughts, emotions, and consequently with the realization of what we  really need to make changes,  walking our way more easily, and peacefully.

Now can you see the energy ratio you feel running through your body when it’s happening? Can you observe the frequency of the energy? For example: when you are relaxed, laughing, playing, in a loving situation, connected with your heart: what do you notice and feel about this energy passing through your body?

The ego makes us vibrate at low frequencies, and following your heart, you help to raise the frequency of your energy and connect with your inner peace.